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Truth - What's it all about?

In this world of noise, by that I mean there's so many demands on people's attention, it's easy to miss life's journey. Further there's also a move toward individualism in the western world at least, when in fact we are all one and a part of the whole albeit detached during our time on this planet.

Amongst all this noise there are opinions and beliefs which many people forget are exactly that, i.e. an opinion. So I wrote my latest book to help people understand our place in this game we call life and to hopefully help people realize that there's no point in fighting, killing or arguing with others about truth as after all they have their truth and you have your own. Within that we all have an agreed truth, e.g. Man and Woman, Black and White, Cup and Saucer, etc. etc.

When you view our existence as it actually is, i.e. we are simply cosmic beings on a journey through time and space, whilst on this part of our journey we have decided to inhabit various life forms including one we refer to as Human.

When considering our existence in this way, you quickly realise that how things are described is exactly that, it's merely a description which allows us to differentiate between different things, e.g. if we didn't name a cup a cup, then how could be ask someone to pass us that cup? If there wasn't black, how could there be white (and all things in between).

So in short there is no truth, other than that which is determined by the individual or that which we've agreed upon as a society, even then each society has it's own version of truth.

So in my new book, Truth (and nothing but), I have created the concept of the 3 Pillars of Truth. These are Perspective, Time and Location. Truth changes based upon these pillars and will constantly evolve. You can get a copy of my book at:

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