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Over the centuries there have been numerous prophets, gurus, shaaman, etc.... who have provided our species with guidance on how to live our lives. These people (beings, entities, etc.) have provided information in various ways, usually tailored to their audience and time of delivery of the message. As an example.

Socrates stood on a box in the Town Square, Buddha sat under a tree, Jesus stood on a hill, etc.... In the modern world however we have developed ways to communicate the message to millions of people, at the same time, yet it seems most don't hear the message or appreciate where these messages come from. So in this short article I will explain my simple theory.

Firstly we need to appreciate that there is only one place from which anything can be created into the physical world and that is the etherial realm, i.e. Creation, the Quantum Field, Dark Matter, God, etc.... or however you choose to describe that place, as such no matter who is speaking the words outlined above, it is from that place that they are derived. After all, where do thoughts come from if not an unknown energy source?

Lao Tzu apparently said "rules were written for people who have forgotten how to live". What he meant, I believe, was simply this. Each of us inherently knows what is right and wrong (not as defined by rules created by people), i.e. we know when our actions are not in keeping with universal law, for the benefit of others and/or our planet. So when a guru/prophet provides us with guidance, they are merely accessing the database of knowledge stored in the Quantum Field and providing guidance in the form of words. It's like when I type into this computer, I'm merely sen

ding electrical signals to the machine (human brain in our case) and that machine then translates those words into a language appropriate for the time and audience.

In the modern era those words are delivered by Musicians, Poets, etc.... in my opinion. Does the person providing the guidance, e.g. songwriter, know they are providing such guidance or do the words simply form as a thought? Either way, by actually listening to the words, you can gain a great deal of knowledge and even more so if you consider the fact that those words were created by accessing the database of all knowledge, i.e. the Quantum Field. Here's an example, I could give many many more. I've highlighted the relevent parts in the lyrics below, which are the lyrics from a song called The Masterplan by the British bank Oasis, my translater is shown in brackets)

Take the time to make some sense (think about the world)

Of what you want to say

And cast your words away upon the waves (once you say your truth, it's said)

Sail them home with Acquiesce (don't worry about your truth, it's yours)

On a ship of hope today

And as they land upon the shore

Tell them not to fear no more

Say it loud and sing it proud today

And then

Dance if you wanna dance (Once you have said your truth, live your life)

Please brother take a chance

You know they're gonna go

Which way they wanna go (you can't control how others will hear your truth)

All we know is that we don't know (there is no one truth)

How it's gonna be

Please brother let it be (so relax, let life unfold)

Life on the other hand won't make us understand (life doesn't force itself on you)

We're all part of the masterplan (everything happens for a reason)

Say it loud and sing it proud today

I'm not saying right is wrong

It's up to us to make

The best of all the things that come our way (opportunity arises, be ready for it)

'Cause everything that's been has passed

The answer's in the looking glass (it all starts with you, your thought & actions)

There's four and twenty million doors (opportunities are endless)

On life's endless corridor (we live many lives, this is only one of them)

Say it loud and sing it proud

And they

Will dance if they wanna dance (live your life, it's all you can really do)

Please brother take a chance

You know they're gonna go

Which way they wanna go

All we know is that we don't know

How it's gonna be

Please brother let it be

Life on the other hand won't make you understand

We're all part of the masterplan

Now I'm sure that you'll have your own musician, poet, artist who you believe speaks to you. Next time you listen to them, try to assess what the message is they are trying to tell you. If it's a positive message, then it's likely come from the Quantum Field. Yes negative messages also come from the Quantum Field, but are they tainted by the EGO of the person who created that message? Only you can decide, after all that's the whole point. We each have our own truth, based upon our own conditioning (perspective) depending on the time and location when that truth is delivered/received.

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