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Taking its inspiration from the great religious faiths and doctrines, Karmacise is a modern way to gain inner peace and self-realisation through dedicated practice and through a network of both online communities and local groups.


Our mission is to build a network of followers and pull-together those who may be disillusioned with traditional faith systems, to help change our world for the better. Our members will be encouraged to work in the community and to appreciate the importance of looking after our planet, as well as those who inhabit it with us.


The law of attraction is very relevant in the modern age and has millions of followers, however these are currently disparate and Karmacise will help bring people with such beliefs together to create a positive vibration through shared experience and a common vision for our future.


Karmacise intends to use Social Media in the first instance to spread the message and gain followers, already having over 30,000 connections in various groups, etc. and more joining daily.


Karmacise is a system of self-development created to help you achieve your desires by focusing your energy onto yourself, those you interact with and the universe around you, to help grow from within and help you focus on having a positive impact during your time on this planet.

Aristotle (Greek Philosopher) described the 'Golden Mean' as the ideal place for humans to be, i.e. it's effectively a balanced place where all factors of your life are in equilibrium. Karmacise helps you find this place and with training keep you there.

We have broken down life into five sections, Universe, Environment, Physical Body, EGO (mind) & Potential. Each element being represented by a colour which is used to symbolize your efforts and to remind you to focus. Each section has 5 core principles and we use these to focus our daily lives on the achievement of that which we seek.

We have created a 30 day training plan which can be adapted by users (created from elements of the Law of Attraction, Vedic and other similar philosophy) to help you focus your attention on what you want to achieve and to help you change your thoughts to focus on what’s important in life.

Karmacise is still in the early stages of our development as a concept, however by registering with us now you can receive lots of free information and guidance and can help us grow our ‘Tribe’ to become a global organisation with a mission of creating positive change in our existence.

Karmacise has, as the name suggests, being created out of the word Karma and exercise, i.e. in simple terms Karmacise is exercise for the soul/mind/spirit/etc. The intention is to create a system to help individuals change, to achieve more and to find whatever it is that they seek.

The philosophy is simple i.e. that we are all cosmic entities manifest within a human form, essentially children of the universe created as part of and from the cosmic soup we call The Universe/God/Creator/etc.

So nothing new there you say, true and why would there be? The philosophy of life isn’t new and has been studied, discussed, altered and/or amended as necessary for thousands of years, from Vedic philosophy, to Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Humanist, etc. etc. etc. Karmacise is different in as much as it’s a simple process, a system that facilitates change without dictating how or what that change is or should be for the individual who’s life it is intended to benefit.

Karmacise is not a religion it’s simply a compendium of thoughts, ideas, exercises and philosophy I’ve learned over the last 10 years or so. It’s not the only way, in fact there is no ‘only way’ to achieve enlightenment. But it is a way that could allow you to do so and one that doesn’t rely upon guilt, fear, reward or profit. It doesn’t promise enlightenment through chanting particular mantras or praying to some God or other, Karmacise is exercise for the soul, a soul that lives within each person and a soul that is unique to that person.

What makes me qualified to bring this to you, nothing really but I’m inspired to do so and in my mind that’s sufficient! If you disagree and believe that only Priests, Prophets, Poet’s or other such People can help you achieve enlightenment, then stop reading now and go find such a person. My view is that salvation can only be found within our self, if someone else is providing salvation to us then it’s their salvation and not ours.


Part of the problem with the established religions, faiths and doctrines is that they bring with them historic baggage, for instance think of a follower of the Jewish faith (often referred to as Jews) and you likely conjure up a pre-installed opinion of that person and who they are. Same can be applied to any religion. This is because without knowing it you have been programmed based upon past experience, teachings and are being affected to a greater or lesser extent by conditioning of others as to how to think about such religions and those who follow them.

Karmacise doesn't have such historic baggage or align itself with any religion, believing that GOD (Giver Of Divinity) is within each of us and as we are all created from a single source (The Big Bang if you like) are all part of one creation.

The power to change who we are, and by default the world around us, lies within ourselves, as such we need to practice positive thought, exercise and have a belief that we can change our historic beliefs and conditioning to facilitate a change for the better in our world.

If Karmacise was to be considered as similar to other faiths, it would have its roots in Hindu (Vedic) philosophy, Taoism, Buddhism and would compare the practices to those of Islam & Christianity which are designed, in my view albeit somewhat misinterpreted over the centuries, to help the individual gain control of themselves and their thoughts, to help the world change through peaceful thoughts and to help us realise our place in the greater plan


Karmacise intends to use Social Media in the first instance to spread the message and gain followers, we me already having over 30,000 connections in various groups, etc. and more joining daily. We will hold regular local meetings to reinforce social interaction and form local bonds between people, shared experience can help individuals grow more quickly. The format of these groups will be standard and will be spread across the globe by members willing to spread the positive message, using the template for the meetings we've designed.


You can find out more about Karmacise by on this website or our Facebook Page join our Facebook Group or join us on Twitter or Instagram.  The choice is yours, but don’t delay do it today!

Thanks for reading

Love Peace and Harmony to you

Wayne Norcliffe (Karmacise creator)

maslow for karmacise web version.jpg

Maslow's Heirachy of human needs as adapted for use in Karmacise.  The principle being that a person needs to fullfill the lower sections, before being able to move on up the triangle to self-actualisation at the top, or in our case to consider fullfillment of personal potential which can only be truly achieved once a person is satisfied with other aspects of their life (existence).

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