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It's Life, but not as you know it!


We are now becoming aware of our existence which is simply this. We are cosmic beings (spirits, souls, energy beings, etc.) on a journey through time and space gathering information as we go. Upon the passing of our physical existence, we transfer that data back to the whole (Quantum Field, God, etc.. if you like).

The potential for something to happen must exist already in that field, otherwise how could that thing be created? As part of our #existence on this planet we have created systems, processes, categories to provide structure. This is borne out in the fact that #mathematics is precise and provides a structure to all things.

The question of whether mathematics is a #discovery or #invention becomes a simple one to answer when we view our existence in this way (a way that we've been told by prophets for thousands of years is correct).

As Celestial Beings living a life on this planet, we needed to structure it so we can make sense of it and evolve. So mathmatics was created by us, for us to use. By us (us being the Celestial Being) and for us as Humans to 'discover' to help us evolve.

Now, when you view our existence in this way, it all starts to make sense. Black and white, up and down, man and woman, cup and saucer, etc... are constructs to allow us to live in an ordered manner and mathematics was needed to allow these structures to be formed. Why therefore do we argue about such stuff and disagree, it makes no sense to me other than based upon an EGO based emotional desire.

The evidence for mathematics being an invention goes like this. If I met a person who'd lived on a desert island and who had never been exposed to maths, I could tell them that 3+2=7 and they would then use that logic going forward. Humans create the system e.g. numbers, formulae, etc... to make sense of what already exists and which was formed using mathmatics. We've decided that 3+2=5 when in reality there is no 3, 2 or 5 other than as descriptors to allow us to interact with each other and comprehend the #universe around us.

So how do we affect our existence and create that which we seek. We simply formulate the thought in our mind (computer if you prefer) including how a thing can be completed (once we've done things many times it becomes subconscious and repeats without our having to repeat the thought process each time) then we put the actions into place to create the thing we think about and that's it. Here's an example.

A person thinks about creating wealth for themselves. They first need to decide what that wealth will be. Next identify the sources of the things needed to create that wealth, then put the actions into place so that wealth becomes manifest in their life. Simple really isn't it?

If you like this you may want to join and help grow a network of #thoughtleaders and buy my latest book Life (but not as you know it).

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