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What's our Purpose?

Thought for Today

We are celestial beings, travelling through this physical life gaining experiences and information. This is indisputable in my view. Simply consider what your physical body actually does, it's purpose is solely designed to gather information, eyes, ears, nose, taste, senses, feelings, etc.. The rest are simply physical functions designed to facilitate that purpose.

However what's the point?

In short nothing happens in nature without a reason, we're part of that whole system of being and as such there MUST be a reason for our existence. It seems clear to me that this reason is in fact to gather experiential data (see above), for use in the next phase of our journey (nothing new there, Buddhist theory is similar). BTW - when I say journey, I'm not simply referring to this short physical lifespan we are currently experiencing, but the whole of our journey which begins/continues upon our physical death.

But if nothing happens in nature without a reason (see above) then we must be gathering this information/experience data for use somehow and that surely means that we must, at some point, take the time to analyse that data/information (i.e. the choices we have made during this phase of our journey and the impact of those choices, along with those we could have made but didn't) so we can adjust our next existence to help us grow and learn what we didn't from this particular trip. Sounds logical to me. Thoughts welcome of course.

In which case, it's even more important that the conscious choices we make whilst living this existence are positive ones and that we are mindful of our daily actions with a view to ensuring that they are. Hence why I created Karmacise, simply to help people become more mindful and help them choose a positive action by default.

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