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The Power of Affirmations & Advice on how to use them

People are influenced by the spoken work and it's power should never be underestimated when we are looking to manifest a positive change in our lives.

The words we use, along with how they are delivered, are to a great extent responsible for who we are today.  This is because those we interact with react in response to the words we use, which triggers a response in ourselves and that response goes on to create feelings.  These feelings are recorded in our heart chakra and it is there where our Mind searches when a similar situation arises.

By changing the words we use and how they are delivered, we can directly affect those around us, but also by using 'self-talk' we can create our own reality as our sub-conscious mind does not distinguish between the imagined and the real world.  It simply reacts.

A positive or negative single spoken word, phrase or sentence can quickly, either consciously or sub-consciously, plant a seed within the brain of ourselves or those who hear that word.

Using affirmations can help our sub-conscious mind adapt, using Neuro Plasticity, and over time, with dedicated effort, you can change how you react to any given situation.  A positive reaction in those you are communicating with should always be what you are seeking to achieve, by doing so you'll also reap the benefit of that positive vibration.  Positivity creates a positive vibration which is felt in our heart chakra and as such helps us feel better about ourselves.

I have below provided some useful affirmations.

So what are Affirmations?

An affirmation is a rehashed and spoken articulation, ideally communicated in first person and utilizing the current tense. When we utilize affirmations, we are endeavoring to adjust our feelings and the frequency to align with our intent. 

This is the reason it is imperative that when using affirmations, we talk as if we have just accomplished our objectives – as this advances inside us the positive feelings and thoughts that we need the universe to manifest that which we seek.

For example, if someone is trying to lose weight, an affirmation they may choose could be I am grateful for having a slim and toned body, which makes me feel better about myself and gives me confidence in my daily life.

Because the law of attraction works on the basis that the universe responds to our thoughts and energies, when we use affirmations we are raising our emotional frequency with increased positivity – aligning our thoughts and energies with our 'intent'.

This is why affirmations are such an effective tools  and why, in particular if used regularly to replace any negative thoughts, can quickly change our outlook on the world and how we feel about ourselves.  Repetition is the key.  Whenever a negative thought arises in your mind, be ready to counter it with an affirmation which is positive.  Simply trying to forget the thought doesn't work, replacing with a new thought reprogrammes your mind and helps you form a habit, once the habit is formed  you'll continue to behave that way next time a similar situation arises where similar feelings are generated.

Here's my 3-step guide to using affirmations.

  • Step One: Make a note of your affirmation and ensure that it is aligned with a particular positive goal you have.

  • Step Two: You need to believe in your affirmation and the fact that it will change your outlook.  Feel good about the affirmation, if necessary think about a positive experience you may have had in the past so your body (heart chakra) releases the same chemicals to promote the positive feelings you seek.

  • Step Three:  Repetition is the key to success.  You need to form a  habit so that your mind will automatically react in the positive way you are seeking when similar feelings arise within you in a given situation.  

Having your affirmations posted around the office, home, car or anywhere you can quickly see them will help.  Use your mobile phone to have reminders pop up or download various apps on the market to help.

Ensure your affirmations are believable and achievable by you.

Speak and feel that whatever it is you seek is already here with you, because it is.  Everything in the universe is available to you, you simply need to think the thought with feeling and it will be manifest in the real world. 

Focus your attention on affirmations in the morning, evening and in any given situation where it is appropriate to replace a negative thought with a positive affirmation.

Here's a few affirmations to get you started, however it's important affirmations are personal to you, so you should adapt these to suit or create your own.


I attract all the good that life has to offer and accept this into my life

I was created from abundance, create abundance and am abundant

The universe provides everything I need to be happy right now and I accept this into my life

The wonderful future which awaits me is being created by me right now I live in perfect harmony with the universe, our planet and those I interact with who share this wonderful existence with me I am the master of my own destiny and my true nature knows the correct course to navigate, I trust this nature and know that the universe has my back.


Whatever I focus my thoughts on I will achieve

I can have, be or do anything I choose

The universe provides everything I need to succeed

Every day in every way I'm getting better and better

Failure is not an option, everything I do is a step closer to the success I have

I am the architect of my own success and every action I take propels me forward into the successful future which I am creating today.


Money is created by thought and flows to me every day through my thoughts and the actions which I take to create the abundance I have

I release any thoughts of lack and know that the universe provides sufficient wealth for all, I am fully deserving of that abundance and enjoy the pleasure it brings

Every day in every way I'm getting richer and richer.

I am grateful for the money I already have and know more will arrive as and when it is required


My body is a temple and I am healthy, free from disease and above to overcome any physical ailment

I love who I am today and who I am becoming through the power of positive thought I generate

I take care of my health and wellbeing, ensuring that my body is provided with the nutrients, exercise and care that it needs to help me achieve my desires


My heart is open and I radiate love through all my actions

There's no where I can be that isn't where I'm meant to be

I love myself and the person I am, in return everybody loves me

I can find love and know that love will arrive when I choose to allow it do so so.

In closing, affirmations are a fabulous tool to use on your journey to manifest that which you seek.  Use them anytime you need to do so and over time you won't even know you're doing it, habit will be formed and you'll become that which you seek to be.

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