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Life is like a candle

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

A way to view life.

Everything is made from atoms, molecules and is either created from energy or has its own energy within it. Whilst recently discussing her Grandads' death, I explained life and death to my daughter using a candle to elaborate the point. It went like this.

Imagine an unlit candle, it has a physical form, can be touched, smelt and forms part of the physical world. Inherent within the candle is energy, in the form of flammable wax in this case, but humans have energy within them it's just a different form of universal energy.

Light the candle, feel it's heat and light. That's the energy being released into the universe. When the candle has exhausted its energy what is left?

Energy cannot be destroyed, it simply changes it's form. Remember the candle as it burned down (lived if you like). You can remember the heat and light because that energy has been transferred into your mind, that's what our bodies are designed to do, i.e. collect energy and interpret it.

Now as you live your life you are also shining out into the world, transferring your energy to those you meet and it will be that energy that the people you meet remember. If you send out negative energy, then people will remember that, send out positive energy and you'll be remembered for sharing your light with them.

So when someone dies they haven't gone, simply transferred their energy (light) into your mind and you can remember that light when you choose, feel their heat (feelings) and remember them for the rest of your life.

Moral - try to shine a positive light and people will remember that light.

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