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Everything that ever was or ever will be created first begins with a thought in a person's (or the creator's) mind. That thought manifested itself into the physical realm following the focused effort of the person thinking the thought, along with those whom may have joined them to do so. This is the basis of almost all religious practice over the centuries and is what we now refer to as the Law of Attraction.

Below I have created some simple memory joggers/exercises to help you focus your thoughts to manifest that which you desire. I begin by reiterating that Karmacise is a system of daily exercise, derived from the Master Key System, which firstly states that gaining control of your mind (thoughts) is the beginning of your journey. Karmacise begins therefore by helping you learn to gain control of your mental and physical being, freeing your mind later to focus onto that which you seek.

Below I have compiled some useful guides, tips, videos and information. The videos are not my creation, simply shared to help you benefit from their wisdom. I hope you enjoy and find this blog useful.


You should start the day being grateful for the fact you have a day ahead of you, are living in a world that provides everything you need to flourish. Keeping a gratitude journal, which you complete every morning or evening, is a great way to remind yourself of the wonderful things you have and the world we live in.

Following the Karmacise plan (shown above in the video), derived from the Master Key System, helps you gain control so you can focus on your intentions and achieve them.


Energy flows where attention goes. As such you should focus on what it is you are trying to achieve and practice daily doing so, concentrating your thoughts whenever they wander onto the thing you are trying to manifest into the physical realm. It’s important to keep it simple and to record what it is you are trying to achieve. Using a focus wheel, similar to the template provided below, can be a useful tool.



Whilst the focus wheel above is a good way to record your objectives, a dream board provides you with a visual daily reminder of the things you are trying to achieve. You should create your dream board with feeling and put anything and everything onto it so you are reminded daily.

Placing your dream board in a prominent place such as the refrigerator door or other room where you go regularly, helps subconsciously program your brain to focus on that which you are trying to achieve. You can also create electronic dream boards, using software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, so that you are reminded whilst sitting at your desk.

You should visualise that which you wish to manifest as often as you can, doing so with feeling and considering every detail of that which you seek. Imagining you already have the thing is very powerful, the smells, taste, feelings of having that should all be vivid, as your imagination does not differentiate between reality and imagined.

A person can, by projecting their thoughts into the quantum field with focus and feeling, cause the thing they think about to be created in the physical realm. However to do so that person should not be competitive and should seek that which they desire without causing harm or distress to others. Be positive and positive things happen.


An affirmation is a statement you make to reinforce that which you seek to achieve and to help implant the message within your subconscious mind. There are a variety of affirmations, available online and in various publications, that you can use in any given situation. If you check out our website, at, we have included a variety of affirmations in our recent blog.


Meditation can be described in various ways and has been over the centuries, such as in Christian belief to pray which is essentially the same as meditation albeit focused in a particular direction. Meditation is essentially clearing your mind of clutter to enable you to focus on achieving that which you desire.

The exercise provided in our training manual, which is available for FREE at, has been developed over the last hundred years to help you learn to focus your thoughts and control your mind, and to also help you achieve your desires.


Similar in essence to a gratitude list, a positive list is a list of things that you want to happen rather than focusing on things that you already have in your life. For instance you may focus on something which you know is going to happen or alternatively imagine what it will be like when it does and put as much feeling into that imagination as you can.


If you don’t know where you are heading and what the final outcome will look like, it’s difficult if not impossible for your subconscious to steer a course toward that. Setting a goal for yourself can greatly increase your chance of achieving your desire. Your goals should be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time limited (SMART). This way you are able to judge progress and to adapt, as necessary, along the journey to achieving your particular goal.

Successful goals should also be non-competitive, i.e. you are not trying to take something from somebody else to achieve your own specific desire as that is counter-productive and against the law of the universe which states that there is sufficient for everybody to prosper. They should be positive both for yourself and anyone they may impact as positive energy is much more powerful than negative energy in the long run.

Whilst sharing your goals with others and talking about them may seem like a good idea, there is evidence to suggest that your subconscious mind can treat such conversations as the goal having been fulfilled and as such be tricked into believing that you have already achieved something which you have not.

Whilst you should record your goals for yourself, my recommendation is that you keep your goals within a very tight circle if not to yourself until you have made significant progress toward their completion.



We are all slaves to our minds, to a greater or lesser extent, albeit using our proven techniques can help you free your mind which can in turn help you to achieve your goals.

Having some form of reminder however whether this be visual, auditory, or even physical for instance some people may choose to have a tattoo or some other form of physical pain to remind them of their goals, can help reinforce the desire into your imagination. For centuries people have adopted rituals to do likewise, we simply called them something else and didn't recognise their objective, i.e. to program a person (or group of people's) mind in particular direction to produce the vibration energy desired by those practicing that ritual.

here are various apps available now including the Karmacise app which is available on Google play or downloadable from


Tapping is the process of using your fingers to tap on acupuncture points in the body which, some believe, can help you achieve your desires by releasing energy in those particular points. As with any belief system it is only as good as the positive energy the person undertaking the exercise gives to that particular action and as such whilst this may work for you it may not for others, in essence you get what you believe you will get out of the action you are taking.


Using your dead time, such as when driving, to reinforce your desires by listening to affirmations or similar material such as audiobooks can be a fantastic way to taking a lot of information over a short period of time when otherwise you would be essentially doing nothing constructive.

You can even, if you choose to do so, listen to audiobooks at an enhanced speed and over a very short period of time your mind may even grow to prefer listening to books at that speed. As for myself some books I listen to at double speed, but on average I hover around 30% over normal speed which helps reduce the gaps between words and increase the volume of material I can read. Your mind is listening, no matter what the speed.


Our hearts are the engine of our minds, i.e. we feel something within our hearts which triggers chemicals which are then transmitted to our brain and we react thereafter to the outcome of that reaction which is then recorded in our feelings and emotions to be called upon later by our mind as the need arises. You become that which you think about today and that which you think about is influenced by your past feelings on a particular subject. Therefore make your feelings positive today and the outcomes tomorrow will be positive ones.

It is important therefore whenever you feel a negative emotion or are unable to positively envision your goals, that you quickly change that thought to a positive one and ensure that the feelings are in a similar vein.


Your intention point is essentially the place where your feelings, derived from your heart centre, meet the mind and it is from this place that you can choose your direction. It is important when reaching this place that you observe the emotions and feelings you have to ensure that they are aligned with the universe and your intentions are positive and focused to enable you to manifest your desire into the physical realm.


As mentioned earlier your subconscious is unable to differentiate between the real and imagined world. As such by pretending, essentially, that you already have that which you desire and by putting your focus on that with all your energy and feelings your subconscious has no option other than to manifest that into the physical realm.


Your mind is essentially a receiver and transmitter of cosmic vibrations and as such you should endeavour to transmit positive vibrations and avoid receiving -ones as much as possible. By spreading positive vibrations into the universe you also help yourself be happier in your world and helping others feel likewise has a similar effect upon them.


You should seek out opportunities to help others because helping others is helping yourself, by spreading positive intention you send out the message into the cosmos that you are here for others. Whether you send positive or negative messages out you will certainly be impacting the cosmic field and have no way to know what the outcome of that may be, whether in your lifetime or many lifetimes into the future. As such by, every day, doing random acts of kindness you are reinforcing the positive message that you wish to send out.


Inspiration can come in any form and when you feel inspired, remembering that this inspiration comes to you from the cosmic field and is a message that you are heading in a direction which the universe has planned for you, you feel empowered to complete a given task.

Have you ever felt inspired to do something and this inspiration was more important than anything else for the time you were doing it? When you are in that flow state this is you working within your zone which has been created for you by the universe. Many religions describe this state, in various forms.


The universe has a plan for you, in Hindu they call this Dharma, which is essentially the path that you chose to walk before you entered this current reality. As such you should let go of concern regarding the outcome of your actions or whether they will be successful or not, something which it is impossible for you to judge, and rely upon the fact that the universe is working exactly as it should be. Holding onto the past is a useless exercise as we only live in the moment and that is all that is real in any event.


​Creating a to-do list for yourself which is focused upon your inner desires can be a useful tool and act as a reminder every day that you are working towards a specific goal. Your to-do lists should be broken down into priorities such as time over importance for instance as shown in the chart below. To-do lists should be created to help you achieve your overall desires and the steps within them counting as stepping stones towards that final outcome.


NOTE: The top right-hand box is for the most time critical and important tasks, whilst the bottom left box is for the things you’d like to do but may not get around to it and certainly not until you’ve completed the more important/time critical ones.


In the modern world negativity is all around us, we watch it on the news, read it in our newspapers, listen to that information being discussed around the coffee machine at work and social media if you are not careful can also be constantly reminding you of how bad our world is supposedly becoming.

In reality our world is a much better place than it was a hundred years ago and is getting better every day in many ways, the majority of people in the world live a better life than they did even only 50 years ago and as such when you hear people discussing negativity you should remind yourself of this fact and remember to distance yourself from their point of view.


You will always find people who wish to limit your possibilities such as by saying you’ll never achieve that or that’s not possible. Remember however that everything that has been created and will be created is generated in the mind of someone it all starts with a thought. You can do anything you put your mind to and if it can be imagined then it can be achieved, albeit with current levels of knowledge it may not be something achievable within your lifetime.

Think big and set your goals high, that way even if you only reach the halfway point you will still be further along than if you’d limited your belief at a lower level.


Living or working in a cluttered environment simply encourages a cluttered mind. If you are constantly thinking about where an item is or whether you’re going to trip over that pile of rubbish on the floor, then your mind is distracted from the focus you should be putting on your desired intention. As such ensure you liver could clutter free existence which will help de-clutter your mind.

Many religions insist on decluttering for instance no alcohol, drugs or distractions within the religious environment where prayer is practiced.


A person can, by projecting their thoughts into the quantum field, cause the thing they think about to be created. In essence the cosmic field has all the building blocks you need to fulfil your desire which is self evident as everything that has been created was created following the thought of a person or the great architect of the universe. Believe you can have it and you can; believe you can’t and you can’t; it’s that simple.


They say that a person is the average of the five people they spend the most time with. You should ensure that those people provide you with the positive vibrations you need. A simple analogy is a magnet: Place a piece of iron next to a magnet and over time its molecules will align with the magnetic flow of that magnet, the same applies to your mind and by hanging around with people who are negative you will most likely adopt their flow, and the opposite applies to positive people. Surround yourself, as much as possible, with those who nourish your soul rather than those who would rather take away that nourishment.


The universe will provide you with what you have requested and desired with faith. This has been highlighted in all religious texts and masters throughout the ages have known this fact. You must, however, be prepared to accept that which you seek into your life and make room for it to arrive. For instance if you park two cars on your drive there is no room for a third, so then how can the universe provide you with that vehicle when deep down you know you have nowhere to put it. Request what you seek and open the way so it can arrive with you.


Hindu philosophy states that we should act as the observer of our life, being effectively the third person looking at ourselves and judging that which we are doing to ensure that we are working towards our desired objectives. Realising that the world is full of material things which have no real importance on a cosmic level can help you detach yourself from the ego-based desires for material goods. CONCLUSION

You become that which you think about, so think well. I hope this short article has been useful and please help us promote Karmacise by spreading the word and downloading our app. More to come in the future, watch this space.

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