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As I've previously mentioned our purpose on this planet is to find our personal happiness, our bodies gather data, information and experience to help us do that. We then transmit that into the universe via vibrations created within us, positive vibrations = positive results - negative vibrations = negative results.

Now everything begins with a thought, so controlling your thoughts you control the life you live. SIMPLE. This is the basis of Karmacise and the system created (updated from The Master Key System), is designed to help.

However reinforcement is the key also as we need to train our EGO mind and eventually create a positive habit, i.e. we act and think positively by default. Now this takes time and practice. Hence the 24 week course to get us going.

To help those using the system, I've now also created a daily tracker. This is attached and can be downloaded from the website. it's a simple excel spreadsheet that you can amend as you please. Use this, in conjunction with the 24 week course and 30 training plan, and hey presto you have all you need to change your life.

Why change your life, well that's up to you. Do you want money, health, security, etc.... whatever you want starts with a thought, then you must push that thought into the universe for it to become manifest in the physical world.

I hope this helps, please share with others as the more people who think positively about our world/existence, the better for all of us.

Here's a link to the file for your to download the tracker DOWNLOAD TRACKER

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