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Activating the Law of Attraction


If you are reading this blog then the chances are you are familiar with what the law of attraction is and the benefits of implementing this in your everyday life. However, for all of us, it’s worth a brief reminder.

A person can, by projecting their thoughts into the cosmic field, cause the thing they think about to be manifest in the material world. To achieve this a person’s thoughts should be aligned with their feelings and desire, being positive for not only themselves, the planet, but those the physical manifestation could impact. Trying to produce something in the physical world when thinking negative thoughts is counter-productive.

Some students believe, when practising the law of attraction, that they simply have to visualise their desires and these will be manifest in the material world. This is not the case! To cause the thing you think about to be created you firstly need to tap deep into your feelings and ensure that what you seek is aligned with your innermost desire and will help you achieve that.

There is one key ingredient that anyone seeking to manifest something must add to their visualisation and that is action. Simply contemplating something as a thought does not result in that thing becoming manifest in the material world. You must take action, sometimes over a long period of time, to realise that which you seek.

Notwithstanding the above, this isn’t to say that visualisation is worthless quite the contrary! Visualisation simply forms part of the process and indeed is a very important part.

So we now know what to do and below I provide you with some simple steps to help you realise your goals and manifest your thoughts into the physical world.


You should begin by developing an action plan, step-by-step, which is timed and achievable within your defined period.  This plan should include the steps you will need to take to reach your long-term goal, along with smaller steps to reach milestones along that journey. It is worthwhile, at the outset, taking time to consider what you are trying to achieve and how you will achieve it, including considering the what ifs along the way for instance what if action a doesn’t produce what you expected to? What will you do next, how will you proceed?

Mohammed Ali, apparently, used to visualise his whole fight in advance of stepping into the ring so that he was expecting what would happen and knew exactly how he would react when it did. He referred to this as “future histories” and we all know how successful that was.


No matter what it is you are trying to achieve, the likelihood is that somebody has tried and succeeded in achieving it before you. There are probably also many people who have failed and who have documented their failure for instance online or in printed material. You should set about researching those who have gone before you to achieve either the same or a similar goal and follow the steps they took to success. It may well be that those steps were taken many years ago and need to be adapted to the modern world, however at least by knowing the steps you can decide how to adapt them.


Every oak tree begins from an acorn. In other words whilst a project may seem overwhelming when viewed as a whole, making it down into its component parts and then attacking each of those one by one, can make the project seem much more achievable.

If there are, as there is likely to be, a large number of steps in your project then you should set yourself a goal of achieving at least five particular steps in any given day and over time, depending on the size of the goal, you will achieve that goal with certainty.


Ideally you will have somebody you can share your journey with, which not only makes it easier to achieve but also potentially more fun and satisfying as you have somebody to share your success with. Teaming up with a partner and agreeing a process by which you motivate each other on a daily basis can significantly increase the odds of you achieving your goal.

As an alternative, if you don’t have somebody you can rely upon to hand, you may be able to enlist the services of a professional mental or coach. There are a wealth of online mentoring websites including specialised sites such as which allow you to link with experienced professionals who have undertaken your journey and have a wealth of knowledge. The fees for this vary but can include telephone and/or face-to-face support.


Many of us are plagued with thoughts from the past and we were unable to do something or failed, those thoughts are exactly that i.e. in the past. They have absolutely no bearing on your current situation or whether you will achieve the project you are currently working on. Take time to live in the moment, and whenever negative thoughts arise as they surely will, replace them with a positive affirmation such as I am working towards my goals and will achieve them in my desired timescale.

I trust this short blog helps you achieve your desires and would appreciate if you could join us on Twitter @karmaciser follow our Facebook page @karmacise, register on our website at and/or follow us on YouTube..


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