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Let's take action for a better world

Join our Tribe, start the change

Our Tribe is Growing Daily 

Our Network is circa 30,000 members globally


Karma is an action we complete in this life to affect our journey to englightment, hence Karmacise being exercise for the mind/soul/spirit/being/etc.  Karmacise is a system created to bring people together and by completing daily actions together we can bring about positive change.  

This change is intended to help the person feel better about themselves, to protect our planet and help those around us.  

Positive actions, reinforced regularly as part of a group, create positive results.  So Karmacise has created some simple systems and exercises to help people think differently about our existence and together we can create the world we wish to live in.  Simple!

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I'm Fabulous

Get your FREE copy of this book to help you become fabulous.



Happy Teens


Postive Life

Get your FREE copy of this book to help you design your positive life



Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar


Change your life

30 days to change your life and our world for the better.  



We are looking for people to organise local groups, is this you?  If so click the link to find our more

Run your own course

Download our 30 day training programme and help fund changing our world for the better
Study Group on the Grass

Due to a fantastically generous offer from our friends at we are able to offer our members a $20 PER MONTH discount off their monthly subscription costs.

Simply subscribe to our site, download our book or 30 day course, to be eligible.  We'll send you details of how to redeem this offer once complete (terms apply).

REMEMEBER - ALL MONIES generated go toward the development and upkeep costs for our system, website and FREE TO DOWNLOAD APP.  Thanks for your support.

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Yoga Club Logo.jpg
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